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Title: Parting Shot

Author: MavenCree
Rating: G
Summary: Will tries to tell his friends
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Word Count: 898
A/N: This is a short series I can’t help but write. I wrote these in my head last week and there was nothing to do at work yesterday so I exploded a little bit.  These are the result: Quick little fics or ficlets as it were, about how Will could end up telling family and friends that he’s gay.  This is Story 3 of 3.

Sonny continued walking a few steps before he realized that Will had stuttered to a stop.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh… Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

“It’s up to you, Will.”

Will groaned.  “Sonny!  I told you not to let me back out of this!”

“Will I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“They’re going to hate me.”

“They’re not going to hate you.  They don’t hate me…”

“You didn’t date one of them.”

“There is that.”

“Will!  Sonny!” Abigail waved at her two cousins from across the room.

“Too late,” Will said quietly to Sonny, while waving back.  “Spotted.”

“Not too late.”

“I thought you were all about being honest about this!” Will hissed.

“Yeah.  In your own time.  When you’re ready.”

“I am ready.”

“Okay then.”

“Just… push me really hard.”

Sonny smacked will up the back of his head and the blonde laughed.  They made their way across the practically empty club.  Will had wanted to meet his friends there early so he would be able to talk to them before it got too loud and crowded.

Gabby, Abigail, Mel and Chad had commandeered an out of the way couch.  The very same one Sonny and his friends had been sitting on the night he’d… played beer pong.

Will and Sonny sat down.

“Never been here before,” Chad said. “Is it always this dead?”

“No it’ll pick up later,” Sonny told him.

“So, Will,” Abby started, “What did you want to talk to us about?”

Will suddenly felt slightly light headed.  He looked over to Sonny, who responded with a look that clearly said “It’s up to you.”

“Hey, Will.”

Will’s eyes widened as he looked up.

“Uh, Neil… Hi,” he said, standing. “Um, everybody, this is Neil.  He’s a… friend.  Neil this is… everybody.”

There was a round of ‘hellos’.

“Uh, guys, could you excuse us for a sec?”  Will was leading Neil away before anyone could give an answer.

“I’m glad I ran into you actually,” Will began.  “I wanted to apologize for what happened that night…”

“For the kiss or for bolting?”

“Bolting.  Defiantly for the bolting.  And the shoving.”

“No worries.  But what was that about anyway.  I thought might’ve had to hurl or something but the washroom was in the other direction.”

“No.  It wasn’t that.” Will looked over to his friends.  They were talking amongst each other, but every now and again Sonny would glance his way.

“I… When you… When I kissed you…” Will spoke just above a whisper, “That was… um… That was the first time I’d ever done that.  Kissed a guy… I mean.”


“Seriously,” he nodded.

“Wow.  Well, you should know that you’re really good at it.”

Will blushed to the roots of his hair.  “Um… Thanks.  You too.”

“So are you just a late bloomer or were you just experimenting.”

“No… I’m gay.  I just… wasn’t ready to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else.”

“And now?”

“Now… I’m out.  Or… coming out, really.  Actually, I was just about to tell my friends…”

“Oh.  Bad timing on my part then.”

“No, it’s alright.  You’ve given me a few more seconds to think.  I don’t know how to tell them.”

“Wasn’t that guy in the brown jacket…”

“Sonny?  Yeah, he knows.  The others don’t, and one of them’s my ex-girlfriend.  I don’t know how I’m going to tell them… And why I am telling you all of this?”  Will added with a laugh.  “I don’t even know you.”

“We could change that.”


“Do you maybe want to go out some time?  Dinner, maybe?”

“Um…”  Will felt his blush rising again.  “Sure.”

Neil chuckled.  “Look, do you have your phone?”

Will nodded and fished it out.  Neil took it from him.  “I’m putting in my number.  When you feel up to it, give me a call.”  He handed the phone back to Will.

Will smiled at him.  Neil looked over to the assembled group.

“You know… there if you’re stuck, there is a really simple way to tell them….”


Chad finished laughing at what Mel had said, just in time to see all the colour drain from Gabby’s face.

“Gabby, what…”  He followed her line of site and forgot what he was saying.

Not ten feet from them, Will Horton was kissing that guy.


A guy.


What in the…


Neil and Will pulled back from each other.

“I repeat,” Neil said, “You are really good at that.”  He peeked over Will’s shoulder.  “And your friends all look like they got hit by that flashy thing from Men In Black.  But none of them look like they want to kill you.”

Will scratched the back of his head.  He was almost afraid to turn around.  “Well, that’s something, I guess,” he snorted.

Neil looked at his watch.  “I gotta go.  I’m meeting some people.  Call me, okay.”

“I will,” Will responded, still not turning.

He watched Neil leave the club.  Taking a deep breath Will shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans and spun around.  He sauntered over to the sofa, as though four of his friends did not look completely gobsmacked.

He flopped down next to Sonny who looked like he was trying not to laugh.  Will folded his hands in his lap and shrugged his shoulders.

“Guys.  I’m gay.”


A/N #2: I had started to write reactions to this but the conversation just went on, and on, and on, so I’m ending it here. Hope you enjoyed.  These were the fastest stories I’ve ever written. J

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