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Name:Will and Sonny – Days of Our Lives
Location:Salem, United States of America
Website:Will and Sonny - YouTube Channel
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Welcome! If you're like us, despite being screwed over by pretty much every gay soap storyline in the past, you're still unable to resist shiny new gays. This community is for the characters of Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis – either alone, together as a couple, or with other guys. Whether you're a longtime Days viewer or are just tuning in now for Will and/or Sonny, come on in. The water's fine -- and so are these actors!

You might recognize Sonny, aka Freddie Smith, from 90210, where he also played a gay character. He had about nine total minutes of screentime, so let's hope for more here. Will is played by Chandler Massey, who is also very pretty and rather adorable. Strong work, casting director.

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We're going to be hosting live watch posts for WilSon episodes, followed by an official episode discussion post for each ep since live watch posts can get awfully big. We'll be using Anthony Langford's uploads at first, and each night [info]amelialourdes will upload a better quality widescreen version to our YouTube channel as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

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ambiguously european evil accents, amnesia, burying people alive, chandler massey, crazy shenanigans, days of our lives, demonic possession, false identities, freddie smith, gay romance, getting divorced, getting married, jennifer aniston's dad, keeping prisoners, kissing cousins, marrying invalids, mind control, no trains in salem, paris underground, remarrying, returning from the dead, salem, salem docks, soaps, something gay no doubt, sonny kiriakis, sonny/will, tangled webs of lies, the bradys, the dimera basement, the dimeras, the hortons, will horton, will/sonny
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