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Marlena is on her cell. She’s worried and leaving another message for John. Will walks by.

Will: Hey. Hi.

Marlena: Hi.

Will: Um, is now a good time? Are you going to make another call?

Marlena: No it’s- actually, it’s a very good time. I- I woke up thinking about you, about our conversation last night.

Will: Yeah, me too. Um, actually that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, because I think maybe you might have, um, maybe gotten the wrong impression about some of the things that I was saying.

Marlena: Really?

Will: Yeah. Um, I just want you to know that I don’t really think that I’m gay.


Will: I mean that, basically, I overreacted… Because you know, my dad overreacted. I mean, he saw Sonny and me fool- you know, messing around and he got weirded out by it. You know?

Marlena: And what else?

Will: You know, he and Grandma Kate are living in the past. You know, they’re perpetuating these stereotypes. For example, being on the football team doesn’t mean you’re straight, right? And being- hanging out with a gay guy doesn’t mean you’re gay.

Marlena: Well, stereotypes can be very inaccurate. They can also be very damaging.

Will: Yeah! So…. I mean, so them thinking I’m gay, and it’s just- Basically, what I’m- what I’m  saying is if I was gay, um,  I would know it. And I’m not. So… let’s just, you know, forget what I said.

Marlena: Afraid I can’t do that, honey.

Will: Please?

Marlena: Will, I won’t discuss it with anybody. But I can’t behave as though it didn’t happen. You’re clearly upset- very upset at the thought of people- of your family- thinking that you’re gay.

Will: Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s- I mean, it just isn’t true.

Marlena: Yeah, well, it matters… to me. So I need to say something. Maybe I have to say it over and over and over. I love you. Always will… No matter what.


Will sits down on the bench.

Will: So you think I’m gay too?

Marlena: The truth? I don’t care. [Marlena sits beside Will] I just like the whole package. Nothing’s gonna change that, you know? Gay or straight- to be determined. It just doesn’t matter.

Will: I know, I know…  I- That- You’re the only person in the whole world I know that about.

Marlena: Hmm. I think that you might be selling some people short. I know that you were upset by your Dad’s reaction, but I’m not sure it reflects how he feels about you.

Will: Well, he was disappointed in me. And how do you think my Mom is gonna react? I mean, if- if it were true.

Marlena: Okay, well, then we’ll just speak in hypotheticals. I think you family would need time to rethink their assumptions about you. But I’m a little more worried about you. I mean, if your family can’t accept what’s going on, then that’s their problem. But if you can’t accept who you are, you’ll be in for a very unhappy life.

Will: No , I won’t. Because I’m not gay. I won’t be gay. I just won’t.

Will gets up.


Marlena gets up and stands beside him.

Marlena: Do you think there’s something wrong with being gay?

Will: No. You know, I mean, look at Sonny, he’s great. But the thing is, he’s fine with being gay because it doesn’t bother him. But it bothers me, because I want- you know, I want a family. And I want kids. And I want a normal life.

Marlena: What’s normal? You know, gay people have spouses. They have children.

Will: But it wouldn’t be the same.

Marlena: Same as that picture in your head, what a family is?

Will: Hmm.

Marlena takes Will’s hand.

Marlena: I want you to go for it. Because that’s what we do. We take what we get given. And most of the time, what we’re given is better than what we ever could have imagined for ourselves

Will: You know, Grandma?

Marlena: What, Will?

Will: Um… You know, when I’m hanging out with Sonny and his friends, I- I feel like I fit in.

Marlena: Really?

Will: Mm-hmm. God, I can’t believe my grandma is my best friend.

Marlean laughs and gives him a hug.

Marlena: Oh, I love you so much! Oh! I have watched you for so long, and I have seen you go through so much. And you keep on getting stronger.

Will: I don’t know about that.

Marlena: Well, it’s my call. And as we both know, I’m always right.

Will: [laughs]Yeah. All right.

Marlena: You are so strong. You are so honest. And you are becoming a hell of a man. It gets better. And you get better. .. Every… single… day. And I am unspeakably proud of you.

They hug again.


Will and Marlena are sitting at a table in Horton Town Square.

Will: Okay.

Marlena: Okay. Yum.

Will: Well, um, I know I need to get class. But… thank you for your advice. [hands Marlena some cash]

Marlena: [chuckles] I’ll bill you for it. Minus your healthy little tip.

Will: Okay.

Marlena: Bye.

Will: I will call you later. [gets up]

Marlena: I hope so. I’ll look for-

Kate stops by.

Kate: Hey!

Will: Hello, hi. Um… I was just leaving.

Kate: You don’t have a minute?

Will: No, sorry. I’m- I’m late for class.

Will waves bye and leaves.

Marlena: Hello, Kate.

Kate: He was confiding in you, wasn’t he?

Marlena: Well, if Will were confiding in me, that really is confidential.

Kate: [scoffs] I know he’s gay. And I know he’s upset about it, Marlena.

Marlena: You know, I don’t ask Will about your conversations with you. So maybe that would be a good thing to… make a two-way street.

Kate: Okay, I’m not a doctor. I am his grandmother, and I love him just as much as you do.

Marlena: I know you do. And when Will chooses to speak to you, he will. Now, please don’t…

Kate: Please don’t what? Don’t push? Oh, thank you so much for your guidance. Because you know, I was going to give him a box set of the first three seasons of Will & Grace. How insensitive of me. Thank God I have you here to pass judgement on me.

Marlena: I’m not passing judgement. I’m just trying to protect the boy.

Kate: Protect the boy? Protect him from me? Let me tell you something, Doc. You try to come between me and my grandson, you’ll be a very sorry woman.


Kate: Will is strong. Will doesn’t need to be coddled. Will is going to accept the truth.

Marlena: I agree. And he will do that in his own good time.

Kate: Just stay out of my relationship with Will. As a matter of fact, stay out of all of my relationships.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Kate: That means that something is going on between you and my husband, and I wanna know what it is.

Marlena: LOLOLOL

Kate: Now!

Marlena: Ooh! Oh my goodness. Kate.

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