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Title: Shenanigans
Author: [livejournal.com profile] slayerkitty
Genre: AU, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Underage Drinking? (how old is Will now anyway?)
Spoilers: Through 2/3/12
Pairings: Will/Sonny
Disclaimer: Days of our Lives and it's characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :)
Word Count: 1,000+
Summary: Picks up where the episode left off - Will goes out drinking with Sonny's friends, and then calls Sonny to come get him.

Mods, can I have an author tag?

Author's Note: I never meant to write this, but IT WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I was hoping for Drunken!Will shenanigans this week (but alas, it seems as if the boys won't be on), so I decided to write some myself!! Apologies if either of them seem out of character, I'm still trying to nail them down.

I am unspoiled, please do not spoil me in the comments. Thanks!

Sonny’s just about to turn in when the phone rings. He picks up his phone from the coffee table, and glances at the ID. He sighs before answering it, once he sees that it’s Will. He never knows how conversations between them will go – one minute Will is backing out of plans and refuting anything that might make him look gay, and the next minute he’s questioning Sonny about how he came out. To be honest, it’s kind of making Sonny’s head spin, and worse, his heart clench painfully.

He doesn’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way Sonny’s fallen for Will. He knows he shouldn’t have, after all, Will was supposedly straight. But little things kept happened between Will and Gabi, and Sonny started to think that maybe their relationship had problems because Will wasn’t honest with who he was.

But who was Sonny to tell him that? Will needed to come to terms with it on his own. So Sonny set about living his life, and that meant getting over Will.

Which was easier said than done, and why he was answering the phone.

“Will?” Sonny greets.

Sonnnyyyy,” Will drawls into the phone, and Sonny winces.

“Are you okay, man?” Sonny asks. He can hear loud music and voices in the background. “Where are you?"

’m fiinnne,” Will drags out. “At a bar.

“You went to a bar?” Sonny replies in surprise.

Uh huh,” Will answers. “Your friends are nice.” He giggles and Sonny’s eyes widen.

“You went with… are you at a gay bar?”

Yup,” Will says proudly, and then giggles again.

“Which one?” Sonny demands, getting to his feet. He grabs his jacket and keys as Will slurs out the name. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

The last place Will needs to be is drunk at a gay bar in his mind set.


“Sonny!” Will says cheerfully, as Sonny approaches him at the bar. “You came!”

“Yes, and now we’re going home.” Sonny doesn’t see his friends anywhere, and the next time he does, he’s going to give them hell for leaving Will alone in this condition. He pays Will’s tab with the bartender.

“Can’t go home,” Will mutters. “I got a new home, but it’s not home.”

“That makes no sense,” Sonny tells him, putting an arm around him and leading him toward the door.

“Moved,” Will says, stumbling over the uneven ground of the parking lot.

“You moved out of your parent’s?” Sonny asks, getting Will into the car, and fastening his seat belt. Will nods and then Sonny darts around the car and gets it. He starts the engine, and puts the car in drive. “Where to?”

“’Mira Towers,” Will answers, his head resting against the window. Sonny shakes his head.
Will’s more messed up than he thought.


They walk into the fully furnished apartment, Sonny having to unlock the doors. He starts to help Will down the hall to his room, but Will pushes him away. “I can do it,” he snaps, and then stumbles the rest of the way.

Will comes out of the bedroom fifteen minutes later, looking a little better, but still unsteady on his feet.

“You can go,” Will tells him. “’m good.”

“No, you’re not,” Sonny says, staring at him. “You’re falling apart, Will.”

“Who asked you?” Will shouts defensively. “What do you know?”

“I know that you’re struggling,” Sonny replies, and he sits down on Will’s couch. “I know that you need to talk to someone or you’re going to do something you’ll regret.”

“Too late for that,” Will murmurs and Sonny isn’t sure he heard him correctly.


“Screwed up,” Will says, looking at him. “Too late.”

“What did you do?”

“Told her,” Will mutters. “Told her I know.”

“Told who, what?” Sonny asks, trying to follow Will’s train of thought.

“My mother!” Will shouts again, whirling around and staring at Sonny. “’m so tired, Sonny,” Will whimpers suddenly. “So tired of fighting.”

“You should go lie down,” Sonny suggests. He gets up and cross the room to Will, putting his arm around him. Will lets him, and Sonny leads Will back down the hall to the bedroom. Will shuffles slowly over to the bed and sits down, Sonny following behind him. “I’ll get you some water.”

“Wait,” Will says, taking his hand and meeting his gaze. Sonny’s heart stops for a second, unsure of what he’s seeing in Will’s eyes, and then Will’s lips are on his.

It’s everything he’s been wanting but told himself he couldn’t have, yet nothing like he wanted at all.

He pushes Will back after a moment.

“Not like this,” he whispers. Will stares at him for a long moment, and then at his hands. “Get some rest.”

Will nods, and then Sonny slips out.


“You’re still here.”

Will’s voice is what wakes Sonny up. He’d been concerned about Will’s state of mind, and decided to crash on the couch.

“I’m worried about you,” he says, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“I’m fine,” Will replies, turning away from him, and pulling coffee out of a cabinet.

“You’re not fine,” Sonny insists. “You need to talk to someone.” Will kind of glares at him.
“It doesn’t have to be me, but it needs to be someone.”

“I said ‘I’m fine’, Sonny,” Will snaps.

“You kissed me,” Sonny lays it out there, hoping he’s not making a mistake. “I don’t know if it was an experiment or if you feel something for me,” his voice breaks in the middle of his sentence, “but you did and you need to figure out why.”

“I know why,” Will murmurs, “And so do you.”

He can feel Will’s eyes on him, but Sonny can’t meet his gaze. “I should go.”

“Maybe you should,” Will agrees. Sonny sighs.

“Just… call me,” Sonny tells him. “Anytime.” Will nods, and Sonny gets his coat. He heads out into the hallway of the building, and lets out a long breath.

Will has so far to go, he tells himself.

Don’t get your hopes up.

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