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Updated 3/30 6:30 AM

Some of the Days cast were on a panel tonight celebrating Will's coming out, and here are some of the spoilers they dropped:

  • Will comes out to Sonny. A sneak peek was shown during the event. The episode will air soon. Reportedly, it is flawless.
  • Will comes out to Sonny at the coffee house. Will helps Sonny to close and clean up the place. Sonny is very happy. 
  • A very happy Will shares a piece of cake with Marlena after he comes out to her.
  • Lauren Koslow said the situation with Will changes Sami and Kate's relationship.
  • Sami runs away when Will tells her he's gay. She gets up and leaves the room.
  • Sami leaves Lucas alone to deal with Will's news.
  • Lucas has a good reaction and Sami turns to him.
  • Kate also turns to help Sami and Will.
  • Kate helps Sami with Will then tells her it's still game on.
  • EJ tells Sami he knew Will is gay and will help her deal with it.
  • Not everyone in Salem is okay with Will being gay.
Thanks to The Gays of Days for compiling and posting all of this.

A lot of television press was there tonight so I'm sure we'll be getting a lot more information and interviews in the coming days.

Update 3/30:
Greg in Hollywood is reporting that Neil, the guy WIll shared his first kiss with, will be coming back for at least three episodes.

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