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(This is just the Will part of the interview, there's a lot more about his storyline with Sami and other things in the full article)

032712 lucaswill Interview: Days of our Lives’ Bryan Dattilo

You’re back for Sami’s story and Will’s (Chandler Massey) coming out story, which will be very important. It’s good that you’re back for that. When will we see Will actually come out to his parents?
We have done scenes where that has happened.

So, within the next three months?
In the next couple of months you will definitely see that payoff. The great thing about the writing on this show now is that you don’t have to wait a year for a storyline to payoff. It’s very rewarding to keep watching because things are changing and if you do miss something, you have to go back and make sure you get it. He comes out and I love the way the writers have handled it. I love the way they made Lucas so accepting, supportive and loving. All that was a pleasant surprise. I never wanted to be the dad that didn’t stick by his son.

032712 samilucas3 Interview: Days of our Lives’ Bryan DattiloDoes Sami stick by Will?
Sami on the other hand has a little more of a hang up…as only Sami can have. When Sami usually reacts to something like that in the way that she does, it usually has to do with herself. At first she doesn’t handle it very well at all. [She] storms out and can’t take it. Lucas is the one that kind of brings her back and says, “You know, look, you can’t handle it that way. It’s just not right.” It’s kind of cool to be the voice of reason because she can act as far out in left field as she wants but she’s gotta come to home plate and step into the box with old Lucas!

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