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Early Spoilers for the week of April 9th because DEAR GAWD!

There are so many things going on this week, I'm surprised this hit me so hard - but the last sentence/spoiler below... almost made me loose my sh**.

Are they TRYING to kill us????!!!!

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ScreenFic: WilSon/Marlena 3-episode arc: (3) A promise

Will apologizes to Marlena and Sonny. This concludes the 7-episode arc I envisioned that gives Sonny a pivotal role in Will's coming out. I have been so moved by Will's story so far; it hits close to home, and this was a way for me to really celebrate what Days is doing with his story--and, I hope, Sonny's as well. Your thoughts? Comments? Critiques? 
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Live watch!

Please join us for a Days of Our Lives live watch for running commentary and good fun! The show begins at 1 pm Eastern Time. For those who aren't able to watch on television, we have:

NBC East Coast Feed 1
NBC East Coast Feed 2
NBC East Coast Feed 3

If you know of other live streaming sites that work better, please post the links! Let's get the Salem drama started, live watchers!